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At the groundbreaking 2016 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference, July 11-15, the 10 member annual conferences affirmed their “Quilted Connection” in significant, even historic ways. They elected two African American clergywomen to the episcopacy, participated in a landmark Act of Repentance toward Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and affirmed two potentially pivotal calls for action to pursue justice, peace and racial progress while dismantling institutional racism across the jurisdiction.


 One call for action, issued by the NEJ College of Bishops, was a powerful statement of their own responsibility and intended accountability to foster real systemic change. The other, offered by NEJ African American leadership groups and affirmed by all the delegations, also called for systemic changes to root out racism, white privilege and long-term inequities, and to help strengthen and develop black churches and black leadership across the jurisdiction.


Here are those two statements, followed by an August 12 update by the College of Bishops reporting initial progress and plans in their new journey to foster greater inclusiveness and transformation.


§        NEJ College of Bishops Statement to NEJ Conference – July 13, 2016 [PDF]

  NEJ Black Church Leader Call to Action [PDF]

       NEJ College of Bishops Call 2 Action Update – Aug 12, 2016 [PDF]


NEJ has 2 African American women bishops



The 2016 Northeastern Jurisdiction elected two new bishops, the Revs. Cynthia Moore-Koikoi and LaTrelle Easterling, both African American clergywomen, the first elected in this jurisdiction since 2000. Previously, the Rev. Cynthia Moore-Koikoi was a district superintendent in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, serving in the city of Baltimore. And the Rev. LaTrelle Easterling, was a district superintendent in the New England Conference. Read more...


The last became first through much of The United Methodist Church’s Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference, where nearly 300 delegates and bishops from 10 annual conferences met July 11-15, in Lancaster, Pa.  Read more of this overview of the NEJ Conference